EveryDoor's buzzer/intercom pin code system is a way to allow visitors into a property by typing a pin code into the building's buzzer/intercom panel. 

Most, but not all systems will support this feature, and the best way to determine whether it is supported is to test it and see for yourself. This can help avoid confusion for visitors in the future.

How to test your buzzer/intercom system:

1. Make sure you have set up the local phone number provided by EveryDoor for your property with your buzzer/intercom system. Learn How!

2. Create a Booking or Maintenance access period from the EveryDoor Bookings page using your own personal information. Select Pin code as the access method.

3. Visit your property while the access period is active.

4. Use the buzzer/intercom system keypad to enter the property buzzer number

5. When prompted, type your access period pin code.


If you heard a few loud BEEPs and the building door was unlocked, Congratulations! 

If you were not granted access, or were redirected into a phone call, you will need to use one of EveryDoor's other visitor access methods at this property.

Make sure you visit your property's Edit page, and update the pin code support section accordingly.