This article offers guidance for rolling out EveryDoor keyless access automation smoothly at an active rental property.  

Upon completing the following steps EveryDoor will:

  • Allow you to selectively use EveryDoor for any bookings imported prior to completing this list
  • Automatically enable keyless self-check-in for all newly imported bookings from your guest management system
  • Work in conjunction with your guest management system to deliver accurate self-check-in instructions to your visitors

Ensure EveryDoor is connected and working with your access control hardware:

1. Setup your apartment buzzer/intercom (if using smart-buzzer automation) Learn How!

2. Configure your smart-lock (if using smart-lock automation) 

3. Create a Booking manually and test your property. Learn How!

Turn on EveryDoor's access control and messaging automation:

4. Change your rental property's Auto-approve synced bookings setting to Yes, use EveryDoor for all new imported bookings.

5. Change your rental property's Send guest access guide? setting to either Deliver an email automatically or Use my Guest Management System

Optionally use EveryDoor for previously imported Bookings

6. Visit the Bookings page, find a booking you want to use EveryDoor for, and enable EveryDoor check-in automation. Repeat as desired. Learn How!